Megan & Maddie

I can’t get over how special Maddie and Megan are, how much they are loved by their family and friends but also how selfless they are. Just as Taylor and I were packing up for the night they wanted to make sure we were able to take some of their delicious to-go boxes.

Their wedding ceremony took place in Mukilteo Washington, which is just north of Seattle by 45minutes.

Megan & Maddie

Megan & Maddie are the sweetest souls you will ever meet. The had an intimate ceremony north of Seattle in the town of Mukilteo. I can’t wait to share their full day with you soon!

Amy & Justin

Amy and Justin are two of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. Filled with so much joy and love for those who came to support them. Each person, walking along aside of them in each step they took together and throughout each milestone they reached. A beautiful summer day in West Linn, Oregon. Amy and Justin, surrounded by their family and friends, promised each other forever in the backyard of Amy’s family. The sun kissed ceremony and reception both took place is the gorgeous backyard. The wildflowers were grown by her parents in preparation for this day (and they were in full bloom!) In itself, I know this home holds so many special memories, and now this wedding day gets to be a part of the legacy, too.

Gina & Chris

It was my first time witnessing a Pyebaek ceremony. There was something profound watching the newly married couple perform a deep bow to their parents, and allowing the opportunity to receive wisdom and advice for marriage from those who raised them.

Joelle & Morgan

Before you go and watch how awesome is this wedding is, take look at their hashtag #daufenitelyinlove ! A+ for creativity and execution!

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