Kate & Zach

A beautiful engagement session on the Oregon Coast, Taylor and I couldn’t be more excited to document their wedding day next October!

Gina & Chris

Gina & Chris hosted a beautiful ceremony in the rolling hills of Anaheim California. What truly made their day special they had a Pyebaek towards the end of their ceremony.

Joelle & Morgan

They had a beautiful reception in the foothills of Menifee California. The wedding was so much fun to document because the entire wedding was full of caring and genuine people.

There was even an ice cream bar during the reception which kept everyone dancing all night long.

Julia & Jason

Julia & Jason hosted a beautiful ceremony in Southern California and later danced the night away in Huntington Beach. It was such an honor documenting this next step in their relationship.

Stephanie & Kyle

There is something captivating and magical about waterfalls. I love how from a distance they draw you in with the cool mist after a long hike, and once you get up close you notice how powerful they are. Stephanie and Kyle have truly captivating and magical.

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